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Umbraco launches Marketplace and aims to double technology partnerships

Umbraco has today launched a new online Marketplace where technology partners can list products that integrate easily with Umbraco’s open-source content management system (CMS). Marketplace supports Umbraco’s long-term strategy to help enterprises to benefit from composable digital experience platforms (cDXPs) for customer engagement, personalisation and transactions.

Globally, more than three quarters of a million websites, apps and digital experiences are built on Umbraco’s open-source CMS. Umbraco has a thriving open-source community of a quarter of a million contributors who have already created almost a thousand extensions for the core CMS.

By attracting technology partners to contribute integration packages to the Marketplace, Umbraco’s ambition is to make it easier for organisations to discover and simplify connection of the right blend of technologies for their business requirements. This will help them to build composable DXPs and create customised digital experiences for their customers.

Umbraco CTO, Filip Bech-Larsen, said, “Umbraco’s open-source CMS, which forms the core of our composable digital experience platform, allows organisations to integrate third-party solutions more easily, so that they can select exactly the right mix of technologies to deliver the best user experience. Marketplace will make it even easier for our digital agency partners to discover the right tools to create tailored digital services, safe in the knowledge that they will integrate smoothly with their Umbraco projects. It will also give their clients the reassurance that they can easily replace components as their business needs change.”

The Marketplace launch coincides with the release of Umbraco 11, which sees the company firmly committing to its composable DXP strategy to support digital agency partners that are developing larger, more complex digital experiences for enterprise clients.

Jonas Thykjꬱr Poulsen, Technology Partner manager at Umbraco, explains, “Marketplace highlights tools, packages and services that are tailor-made for Umbraco and which can also be integrated into other cDXPs to expand content, marketing and commerce capabilities. We know that great customer experience is built on more than content management, so we’re inviting related technology partners to make their translation, personalisation, digital asset management and commerce tools more visible to the Umbraco community. Our goal is to double the number of technology partners in 2023”