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Immuta Releases Immuta Detect for Continuous Security and Compliance Monitoring

Immuta, data security leader, today is announcing the release of its latest product, Immuta Detect. With its continuous security and compliance monitoring capabilities, Immuta Detect alerts users to risky data access behaviour, enabling quicker and more accurate risk remediation and improved data security posture management.

The product is a new key pillar of Immuta’s comprehensive Data Security Platform that provides sensitive data discovery, security and access control, and data activity monitoring. The platform uniquely integrates with the leading cloud data platforms and with existing SIEM and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) tools.

More information about the product will be available at Immuta’s All Access Tour, London tomorrow, Thursday 19th January. The event, sponsored by Databricks, Snowflake, Alation and EY, comprises eight sessions throughout the day, and will arm data leaders with the knowledge to remove barriers and accelerate secure data access at scale. Among those speaking include Immuta customers Roche Diagnostics, the UK’s leading provider of in vitro diagnostic tests, and Swedbank, Sweden’s largest retail bank.

As the number of data sources and users increase in modern cloud environments, it has become difficult to monitor data usage and efficiently respond when threats arise. This is important for protecting against insider threats and maintaining compliance with rules and regulations. Existing approaches to solving this problem involve manual and slow audits across millions of log data records stored in disparate data sources. Data and security teams need better ways to monitor data access, remediate issues with precision, and quickly adapt to changing risk appetites so they can keep up with business demands.

With Immuta Detect, customers can quickly surface and prioritise data usage risks, reduce time to risk mitigation, and maintain data security by leveraging the following new features:

– Advanced access behaviour analytics – Immuta Detect consolidates data access logs so that data and security teams can continuously monitor and analyse changes in user behaviour and data access entitlements by source, query, or user activity, as well as gain insight into security configuration and data classification changes.
– Sensitive data views and indicators – Immuta Detect provides a deep dive analysis of individual user and data activity, summarising activity across several factors including time frame, data access events categorization, most active data sources, and sensitive data indicators.
– Risk severity detection and scoring – Immuta Detect automatically scores data based on how sensitive it is and how it is protected (such as data masking or a stated purpose for accessing it) so that data and security teams can prioritise risks and get real-time alerts about potential security incidents.

“In the modern business landscape, organisations face a challenging dichotomy in which they need to use and share data to remain competitive but also maintain the highest standards of data security,” said Steve Touw, CTO, Immuta. “It comes down to managing your risk appetite and to do that effectively, it is vital for teams to have a comprehensive view of data access activities and risks. Immuta Detect is an important step towards meeting customer demands for a comprehensive approach to data security, from discovering sensitive data, protecting it, and monitoring its usage, to keeping data policies up to date.”