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Hosting on the cloud is on the rise: these are the 4 reasons behind this development

The world of technology never comes to a halt, and this is certainly the case for cloud computing services such as  cloud hosting as well. This type of hosting has been on a sharp rise the last few years, resulting in being a crucial part of many infrastructures worldwide. But what are the reasons behind this accent to the throne of web hosting? The answer to this question will be revealed in the following blog.


Unlimited capacity for virtual data storage

The first reason explaining why hosting on the cloud has taken over the world of web hosting, has to do with data storage capacities. Many forms of web hosting have a certain limit regarding data storage capacity. This means that users need to keep an eye on how much data storage they have left on their hosting packages. With hosting on the cloud this is however no longer an issue. Cloud servers bring a near unlimited amount of data storage on the table, resulting in this problem being an issue of the past.


No more need for installing hardware

Another reason that so many people choose cloud hosting nowadays is regarding hardware. Hardware used to be the backbone of hosting. However, this is no longer the case. Due to the cloud, you no longer need physical hardware to ensure the performance of your webpage to be adequate. This results in users not having to worry about this problem any longer and therefore being able to focus on other important tasks.


Easier to scale up and more flexible

Another advantage of hosting on the cloud that explains why people often opt for this type of hosting, has to do with how flexible this option is. It is extremely easy to alter the features of a cloud hosting package, which can be very important for businesses that are not yet in the saturation phase. An additional advantage of this is that it is easier to scale up with hosting on the cloud, which is perfect for companies such as start-ups.

Constant back-ups ensure data is never lost

The last reason that users choose to make use of hosting on the cloud, has to do with insurances. With hosting on the cloud, it is a fact that back-ups are constantly being made of all data on this type of server. That way, it is impossible to lose important data. Most other types of web hosting do not have this feature, which makes it a logical choice to choose for the cloud in order to have a sense of security. This is especially true for companies that work with very valuable data.