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Guidewire Garmisch Release Reimagines Insurance Product Design, Speeds Integrations, and Expands Commercial Lines Offerings

Guidewire announces Garmisch, its latest market-defining cloud release.* New platform capabilities, application enhancements, and content updates in Garmisch enable P&C insurers to:

– Create dynamic claims experiences quickly with Advanced Product Designer (APD), extending the first-of-its-kind approach to product-driven development across the complete insurance lifecycle.**

– Build upgrade-safe integrations quickly, easily, and more cost-effectively with new integration templates and a redesigned user interface for Integration Gateway.

– Accelerate speed to market for commercial lines with expanded Guidewire GO content and a new solution for parametric insurance.

Platform: Streamline development and operations with a new Integration Gateway user experience, more self-service tools, ClaimCenter Software Development Kit (SDK) on Jutro, and the addition of new data partners.

Garmisch makes building upgrade-safe integrations faster and easier with a new Integration Gateway user experience to better manage the integration development lifecycle and starter templates that accelerate implementation.

Garmisch continues to deliver on Guidewire’s commitment to providing developers with more self-service tools on the Guidewire Cloud Console. These new tools enable smoother production deployments and provide developers with greater control over the build pipeline.

Insurers can quickly design and deploy seamless, digital claims experiences leveraging a new ClaimCenter SDK on the Jutro Digital Platform.** Jutro enables insurers to rapidly design and deploy auto-generated digital experiences that fully integrate with InsuranceSuite.

Garmisch accelerates time-to-insight across the enterprise with ready-to-use bulk data connectors from leading global data platforms (including Google Cloud BigQuery and Analytics Hub, Celonis, Hubio, and Analytics on AWS) using Cloud Data Access (CDA), a data service that provides secure, low latency access to Guidewire InsuranceSuite data for data warehousing, reporting, and analytical use cases.

“Guidewire continues to innovate at an unprecedented pace with six releases and more than 1,500 feature enhancements and new capabilities added over the last three years. With Garmisch, we will be increasing our cloud release cadence from two to three releases each year, delivering innovation faster so our customers can drive greater speed, agility, and innovation across the insurance lifecycle,” said Diego Devalle, chief product development officer, Guidewire.

Applications: Drive growth and efficiency with the extension of APD functionality into claims, new cloud APIs, and expansion of property risk insights.

New functionality for claims setup with APD extends Guidewire’s holistic, product-driven approach to P&C insurance processing to span the complete insurance lifecycle from product planning through claims handling and resolution.** This fosters collaboration between policy, underwriting, and claims teams to rapidly deliver optimal claims experiences for the associated product line.

Insurers can simplify data sharing (ClaimCenter), improve customer acquisition and reduce abandoned quotes (PolicyCenter), and enable customers to view and pay invoices conveniently (BillingCenter) with new InsuranceSuite cloud APIs.

Underwriters and actuaries can now assess the potential risk of fire damage for individual locations rather than for the entire district with a new HazardHub Fire Suppression Score (FSS). This will enable them to make more informed decisions on the risk exposure of single structures.

Content: Accelerate time-to-market for commercial lines with expanded Guidewire GO packaged content.

Insurers are able to launch a commercial property line of business in the U.S. market up to 50 percent faster with a new GO product for InsuranceNow. Guidewire GO content, a library of pre-packaged product line models to jump-start the product design process, is available for download from the Guidewire Marketplace.

Garmisch continues Guidewire’s investment, particularly for insurers operating in the London Market, improving underwriting precision with no-code risk classification configuration and improved message handling.

Garmisch adds a new solution for parametric insurance that will enable insurers to narrow the coverage gap, reduce risk, and improve cost-to-serve for parametric lines of business.

“Insurers are looking for ways to get to market faster and that’s why we’re focused on providing ready-to- use, out-of-the-box content,” said Eugene Lee, senior vice president and general manager, InsuranceSuite, Guidewire. “Our content-focused innovations in Garmisch demonstrate our commitment to addressing our customers’ need for speed when it comes to launching new products and expanding into new markets.”

*Garmisch release is expected to be generally available on April 3, 2023.
**Indicates product feature is available for Early Access customers only.