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Enate announces GPT-4 integration enabling customers to utilise orchestration and conversational AI to run operations smoothly

Workflow orchestration solution, Enate has announced a new integration which enables new and existing customers to run and manage operations better by implementing GPT-4.

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence chatbot developed by OpenAI and launched in November 2022. GPT-4 is the latest version of the model that underpins ChatGPT and a host of similarly exciting launches with Google Bard, Meta and Stanford Alpaca.

Enate’s platform enables enterprises to efficiently manage a hybrid workforce of humans and digital workers whilst organising and streamlining end-to-end business processes. Its innovative no-code process orchestration solution enables COOs to get full visibility of incoming work, implement cost reductions and optimise processes to overcome bottlenecks and get work done on time.

GPT-4 within Enate will scan platform users’ incoming emails to resolve work items. In cases where the customer is just saying ‘thank you’ for a service, Enate has integrated a prompt into the ‘Is it a Thank You?’ pattern so users won’t need to manually delete or close the query, the email will simply be cast aside, freeing up the inbox for ongoing queries only.

GPT-4 will also deal with sophisticated requests such as automatically summarising emails that land. The Enate platform combines this with bionic reading, a process which highlights the beginning of words, enabling readers to process information faster, and gain a better understanding of what they’re reading.

CTO and Founder, Kit Cox, said “We’ve all seen the fun and games you can have with ChatGPT, asking it to write poems about your hometown, spit out some development code or help you practice French. The question is, how can these large language models help you run your operations better? Many ways, it turns out.

“At Enate, our job is to help our customers run operations smoothly and work smarter and faster by leveraging the latest technology. That’s why we’re really excited to bring conversational AI to the Enate platform, making the use of ChatGPT hyper- relevant to operations and helping our customers to work more efficiently and effectively. “

The GPT-4 integration will be going live in the next month and will be available to switch on in the Marketplace section of Enate.