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OxEd and Assessment wins Early Years BETT Award for LanguageScreen

A groundbreaking app which allows teachers to identify language difficulties in young children has won a prestigious BETT Award.

OxEd and Assessment’s LanguageScreen was awarded first prize in the Early Years Digital Product or Service category at the BETT Awards 2023 in London last week.

From the creators of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), LanguageScreen allows nurseries and primary schools to accurately assess for oral language difficulties using a fast, fun and intuitive app. Based on extensive University of Oxford research into learning development, LanguageScreen is scientifically proven to help teachers identify children in need of support and intervention.

LanguageScreen draws upon decades of research into early language development by Professor Charles Hulme and his team. Using technology available in most schools, the easy-to-use test puts this research into the hands of primary educators, removing the need for paper-based assessments. LanguageScreen has already identified over 50,000 pupils who would benefit from additional support. The app also provides a standard that can be used to track pupils’ development as they progress through primary school.

The BETT Award judges said that LanguageScreen was “an excellent evidence-based resource that allows school staff great diagnostic insights into children’s development and identifies areas for precise intervention. It’s affordable, easy to use and time saving. An excellent resource tackling a very important area of need.”

Charles Hulme, Founder of OxEd and Assessment said:

“Language is widely recognised to be a foundational skill which is critical for a child’s academic and social success. Young children whose language development is delayed will often go on to struggle in other areas of education and their adult lives. We are delighted that LanguageScreen was recognised at the BETT Awards 2023. Early assessment of language skills means no child needs to be left behind.”

By using evidence-based educational assessments and targeted early intervention, schools can quickly and easily identify young children who have language or reading challenges and are in danger of falling further behind.

Assessment tools like LanguageScreen and the newly released ReadingScreen provide an accurate profile of each child so that progress can be tracked and targeted interventions, such as the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI), can be used to help close the gap.

LanguageScreen was used in the DfE-funded national rollout of the Nuffield Early Language Intervention (NELI) programme in England, launched in August 2020 as part of the pandemic catch-up programme. An independent evaluation of NELI found that children receiving the programme made the equivalent of three additional months’ progress in oral language skills.

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