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AI Deploy adds pre-trained AI models in its library with Lettria

OVHcloud, the European Cloud leader, today announces that AI Deploy is adding a library of pre-trained models starting with models from Lettria. Designed to speed-up the deployment of AI models in production, AI Deploy now offers a built-in library in which a variety of pretrained models from trusted partners will be available in the coming months.

AI Deploy acts as a managed service and elegantly hides the complexity of the infrastructure and its scaling so one can focus on what matters when creating value with data. Tailored to datascientists and AI engineers, AI Deploy will help developers in deploying pre-trained AI models directly or integrating them into their applications.

The new library of ready-to-use pre-trained models welcomes Lettria solution that illustrates the merits of NLP (Natural Language Processing). Joining AI Deploy, Lettria offers ready-to-use sentiment analysis pre-trained models. Other models from Lettria adding capabilities like entity detection are set to join AI Deploy this summer as well as other AI partners.

AI-Deploy is billed as a simple pay-as-you go service with unlimited API calls, true to our commitment towards price predictability. Pricing of pre-trained models comes on top of AI Deploy resources costs as a license fee that is based on GPU/CPU deployment and replicas.