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From Couch to 5K: Mobile Apps Motivating Fitness and Wellness in the UK

Are you enjoying life in the fast lane with no time to hit the gym, count calories or attend wellness clinics? Well, if you have a smartphone and the will to keep fit, you are good to go.

The advent of smartphones makes it possible to manage your fitness goals from the palm of your hand. You can download various fitness mobile apps to inspire you to burn stubborn fat, tone your body, and guide you on nutrition for better health.

Here are four UK-based health and fitness apps you can try today: –


1.    NHS Couch to 5k – Overall Best Fitness App For Workouts

 Type: Running app

Best for: Beginners

If you live an inactive lifestyle or are a beginner runner searching for a fitness app to build a running habit, we recommend you use the NHS Couch to 5K app.

NHS Couch to 5K is a running plan by the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) in partnership with the BBC. It comprises three runs a week for the next nine weeks. Moreover, there is at least one day of rest in between the runs. And by the end of the ninth week, you should have transitioned from zero exercises to walking and eventually be able to run up to 5 km effortlessly.

Just like you download other apps for food, transportation, and casino apps on your phone, the NHS Couch to 5K app is available from the App Store or Google Play. Once it is installed, find out which run you have for the day. Use it to be consistent and committed to your fitness goals.


2.    Yummly  – Overall Best Fitness App for Nutrition

Type: Food app

Best for: Picky Eaters

Meeting our fitness goals depends heavily on our food choices. Most people struggle to overcome cravings for junk foods like sweets, fries, and sodas. Is it possible to have a professionally-recommended nutrition plan comprising the food you love? With Yummly, it is.

Yummly is a food app with at least two million healthy recipes and food options created by professional chefs and nutritionists. Download Yummly on your phone and specify your personal preferences. The app will present you with personalized recipe recommendations matching your preferences.

Each recipe comes with a mouth-watering display or video guide to tantalize your taste buds and help you shift your cravings to healthier options. It shows all the ingredients, nutritional facts, and preferred serving sizes.

Select the recipe you like and try it out. Also, you can read reviews from other Yummly users who made the same dish.


3.    Whoop – Overall Best Fitness App for Sleep

Type: Sleep Tracker App

Best for: Everyone

Our bodies need quality sleep for optimal recovery, immunity boost, and to complement our fitness efforts. We recommend Whoop, a personalized sleep-monitoring app to help track your sleep and even recover from sleep disorders. The app tracks each of the four stages of sleep (awake, light sleep, deep sleep, restorative sleep), registering any disturbances and vital respiratory metrics.

You can track your sleep performance, actual time spent in bed awake versus asleep, see how many interruptions you had all night, and track your sleep efficiency. It also offers real-time access to coaches and analytics to help you improve your sleep pattern. However, you will need a Whoop device to use this sleep tracker on your phone.


4.    Calm – Overall Best Fitness App for Wellness

Type: Wellness App

Best for: Everyone

Fitness applies to the body, mind, and spirit. We recommend Calm, a sleep, meditation, and relaxation app to help you manage your sleep, anxiety, and stress levels for mindful living. Typical features include a variety of guided meditation sessions, deep breathing, stretching exercises, soundscapes, and sleep stories from celebrities. The app will help balance your moods and refocus your mind to self-healing at the end of a stressful day.


Choose the Best Fitness and Wellness App

As you decide on the best fitness mobile app for your lifestyle routine, ensure your choice allows personalization, can integrate into a wearable or non-wearable device, and can give you a report summary of your achievements. Additionally, the mobile fitness app should allow you to set realistic goals, track them, and have convenient notifications to keep you consistent in your fitness journey. All the above apps have these traits. Plus, they incorporate video tutorials and allow you to share and discuss your progress via social media. Try them out today.