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Nasuni and Presidio Expand Partnership and Sign Multi-Year Agreement

Presidio, a leading global digital services and solution provider today announced an extensive partnership with Nasuni Corporation, a leading provider of file data services. Nasuni is optimising AWS Cloud use and reducing OpEX with Presidio’s Proactive Recapture into Savings Management (PRISM) program. In addition, Nasuni has signed a multi-year business agreement with Presidio to simplify how companies store, protect, and manage file data in hybrid cloud environments.

A top concern of CIOs is cost optimisation according to industry analysts. To better monitor cloud spending, reduce financial risk and operational burden for their Cloud and Finance teams, Nasuni is leveraging Presidio’s fully managed PRISM program. Presidio manages cost optimisation and uses proprietary data science models to automatically scale cloud commitments up or down on behalf of customers at no risk to them. With Presidio’s Managed Services taking care of operational management of Nasuni’s file data cloud environment, their team is saving time and able to focus on enhancing the Nasuni product and new innovative features.

Organisations are looking to move their legacy file storage infrastructure to the cloud to centralise control of and make files easily accessible on premises or in the cloud globally to strategically use data and optimise productivity. With the Nasuni File Data Platform’s intelligent edge caching, customers can leverage the power of cloud object storage while maintaining local performance, which can translate into reduced storage costs by 60 % over legacy storage as well as the ability to recover from ransomware attacks in minutes.

As a Nasuni Strategic Alliance Partner, Presidio’s team of technical experts can help customers better manage their file data environment with Nasuni in a hybrid cloud environment through any or multiple cloud providers. In addition, Presidio is a premier consulting partner within the Amazon Partner Network, which allows customers to make purchases through the AWS Marketplace and benefit from the AWS Enterprise Discount Program (EDP).
“Combining Presidio’s global reach, comprehensive technology portfolio, and digital transformation expertise with the Nasuni File Data Platform in AWS enables customers to accelerate their cloud journey at any stage,” said David Grant, President at Nasuni. “The true value of this partnership comes in the ability to deliver ongoing value to customers as they seek modern solutions for replacing legacy file infrastructures.”

“Nasuni is a great example of how organisations can reduce risk and better optimise their cloud spending and staff time with our PRISM solution. Plus, through our partnership, our customers can significantly improve file management and access while reducing infrastructure and gaining an important strategic advantage by being able to better tap into data,” said Raphael Meyerowitz, Engineering VP, Technology Solutions and Strategic Partnerships at Presidio.

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