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Creative Equals joins forces with Google to up skill UK talent in high-demand employment areas

  • New, UK-wide programme supports the professional development of underrepresented, vulnerable or otherwise marginalised communities*
  • CreativeEquals and Google have awarded 15 fully-funded and mentor-supported scholarships 
  • The cohort will receive specialist support and mentoring from experts at Creative Equals and Google.


Creative Equals – a global equity, diversity and inclusivity (EDI) consultancy – has partnered with Google to launch a scholarship programme that will provide individuals in the UK with the opportunity to develop job-ready skills in high-growth, high-demand employment areas.

The Creative Equals x Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme will equip people – particularly those from underrepresented, vulnerable, or otherwise marginalised communities* – with tools, knowledge and support to enhance their professional development and provide bridges into employment.

Creative Equals and Google have awarded fully-funded and mentor-supported scholarships to a cohort of 15 people who will undertake a training course of their choice in one of eight key areas: UX Design, Digital Marketing and E-commerce, Project Management, Data Analytics, Advanced Data Analytics, Business Intelligence, IT Support, and Cybersecurity.

Throughout the training programme, candidates will receive one-to-one accountability support and mentorship from Creative Equals. In addition, each individual will be provided with access to Google mentors in their chosen subject areas, as well as technical support from a specialist team.

The programme will run virtually over a six-month period and all courses are self-paced, giving everyone in the cohort flexibility around when and where they complete their training.

The courses do not require relevant experience or a degree and are recognised by industry experts and employers.

Additionally, Creative Equals and Google will be offering 500 certificate-only scholarships, opening the opportunity for more individuals to upskill, re-skill and pivot their careers into key employment areas.


Ali Hanan, founder and CEO, Creative Equals, said: “We must work together to break down the barriers to opportunity so everyone has the chance to develop their professional skills, grow their careers and thrive. We’re thrilled to be partnering with Google to give individuals the opportunity to upskill, re-skill, explore other industries and, if they choose to, pivot their careers. Digital skills are crucial to building the workforce of tomorrow and it’s essential we help to upskill UK talent.

“Marginalised* and vulnerable communities are grossly underrepresented in the tech industry – data shows that just 28% of tech workers are gender minorities, only a quarter of tech workers belong to ethnic minority groups and ethnic diversity almost halves in senior roles from 25% to 13%. All efforts to increase innovation and productivity hinge on how diverse and inclusive our workplaces are. We must ensure people from all backgrounds have the opportunity to contribute to the tech economy.”

Nishma Robb, Senior Director Brand and Reputation Marketing, Google UK, said: “At Google, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to succeed in the digital economy. That’s why we’re excited to be partnering with Creative Equals to launch this scholarship programme which aims to give people from underrepresented communities the opportunity to gain the in-demand skills needed to kickstart successful careers in high-growth industries.”

The digital skills gap across all sectors has been a perpetual problem for UK employers and  estimates suggest it costs the UK economy as much as £63 billion a year in potential GDP.


A report published by the Department for Science, Innovation and Technology (DSIT), found that half of UK businesses have a cybersecurity skills gap that they are struggling to fill. In all, the UK requires an additional 11,200 people with suitable cyber skills to meet the demands of the market.


To find out more information about the Creative Equals x Google Career Certificate Scholarship Programme or to apply for a certificate-only scholarship, please visit: