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The Role of AI in Business: An Examination of its Capabilities and Limitations

Alan Cucknell, Director of Ignite Exponential at Plextek looks at the use of AI in business and examines where it can excel and what may be better left to humans

The recent advancements in AI have prompted many business leaders to consider its potential applications in various aspects of their operations and product development. AI has already proven successful in generating management presentations, investment pitches, product specifications, and project plans. However, the question remains whether AI can fulfil all the roles in the creative writing process, as outlined in Betty Sue Flowers’ “Madman, Architect, Carpenter, Judge” model.

The “Madman” stage involves capturing every idea as quickly as possible without editing or filtering. The “Architect” stage involves grouping ideas and creating a basic outline to structure the narrative and flow of information. The “Carpenter” stage involves writing everything out in full, following the outline and adding details. Finally, the “Judge” stage involves critically evaluating the written work, assessing its accuracy, clarity, and conciseness.

While AI can excel in the “Madman” stage by gathering targeted and tailored research, exploring and suggesting ideas, and refining and replicating findings, it may not be suitable for the “Judge” stage. AI models can produce confidently sounding but factually incorrect outputs, change personas, and introduce unintentional biases. Therefore, it is recommended to seek input and feedback from human experts, colleagues, or mentors who can provide valuable insights and help refine the work further.

In conclusion, AI can complement and accelerate work in innovation and business strategy, but its capabilities and limitations must be carefully considered. As AI continues to evolve, new and more capable judgement tools will emerge. For now, it is up to everyone to determine how best to use AI as a Madman, Architect, Carpenter, or Judge of their work.