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The value of channel partnerships: Why finding the right partner matters

The success of any long-term collaboration depends on a reliable two-way partnership and the ability to remain transparent throughout the process. The right channel partner should understand the needs of a business and provide solutions tailored to those needs.

Partnerships are at the heart of the channel, and success for resellers and MSPs is often tied to collaborative relationships with partners. A 2022 survey based on over 650 partner professionals and executives found that 49.4% of organisations attribute at least a quarter of their revenue to partners, and 65% consider partnerships critical to their future.

With technology solutions and reseller companies as the highest ranked for the most critical partner type, resellers and MSPs need to identify the right partners that can provide operations to enhance their system orchestration and unleash the full potential of their ecosystems. Companies that do invest in partner channels can have more robust ecosystems that drive more revenue and retain customers.

Mark Appleton, Chief Customer Officer at ALSO Cloud UK, believes that partners must be adaptable to help these MSPs and resellers meet their goals while anticipating their future needs. “Common goals, strategies, and expectations achieve a successful channel partnership. One potential avenue to explore is using value-added services like skilling employees to grow revenue streams and net new customers. However, ensuring that both parties have similar objectives is essential for practical cooperation.”

“However, partners must understand each MSP’s challenges and opportunities within their domain. Whether troubleshooting, addressing technical issues, or offering resources, a strong channel partner should be an extension of the company’s support network to ensure clients have a seamless experience.”

Appleton also highlighted the need for channels to have an understanding of the company’s customer base to be able to provide adequate help. “Partner channels should have a clear understanding and in-depth knowledge of the sector these resellers operate within, crucially to provide fast responses and maintenance services to nurture the relationships. In doing so, they can offer strategic consulting services and help companies navigate complex landscapes to make informed decisions while ensuring ongoing support and customer success beyond the initial integration.”

Mark concludes, “Ensuring the end customer has the highest level of service for their company data and employees is more apparent than ever. The ability to run assessments across their systems will increase colouration and trust, enhancing customer service and repeat business across the channel.”