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How Home Service Companies Are Using Technology to Provide Better Service

Technology is rapidly becoming an integral part of our lives, and we can see its effects in almost all spheres. It doesn’t only make life easier for us by simplifying the process, but also saves a lot of our time. Due to the widespread acceptance and adoption of technology, many industries are using it to provide better customer service and create higher satisfaction and the home service industry is not far behind.

Customers can now get online house tours and remodelling consultations, easily accessible home warranty services and answers to home warranty questions, and advanced home security and energy efficiency options that heavily use technology to serve customers. Wondering how various home service companies have achieved this? Let’s look at some of the notable tech-based home service features below.

 Smart Home Security

Over the years, the home security scenario has gained various smart and time-saving options due to tech integration. As demand for these services skyrocketed, many companies outside the industry have stepped into the smart home security and home service sector, and are bringing about upgrades regularly.

Ring by Amazon provides various smart security products for your home and office. Their product range includes cool smart alarms and automated locks. They enhance your home security and successfully protect it from intruders. And the best thing about these systems is that you can maintain and monitor them from anywhere.

 Internet and App-based Services

Internet and app-based services are designed to allow customers easy access to home service from their smart devices and with a few taps. They can request the service at any convenient time and place, which saves time. Along with an easy registration process, these app-based services come with real-time status checking, personalized solutions and consultancy, and easy payment integration.

TaskRabbit and HouseJoy are two companies that have successfully implemented app-based services to their system and are serving millions of customers in the sector every day. 

Advanced Remodelling Services

Remodelling is a time-consuming and expensive project. If not planned and executed properly, a botched remodelling can cost a customer hundreds and thousands of dollars to rectify it. To mitigate the problem, many home service companies have integrated technology to plan and map the remodelling plan and present it to the customer for approval.

Alongside this, many third-party platforms are working tirelessly to bring homeowners and home remodelling professionals together. Houzz is one such home service company that uses 3D visualization tools to create the plan and properly articulate it to the homeowners. They can share their feedback and request changes right at the planning stage, which saves them money and time.

 Energy Efficiency Services

Energy efficiency practices are becoming more widespread, and home service companies are integrating the feature into their smart home system to attract more customers. Apart from the smart systems, every part of the house, including the walls and windows, can contribute to energy efficiency. Features such as colour-changing glasses and micromirror glazing can help preserve or regulate the heat within the house, ensuring refined energy consumption.

Companies like Opower use technology to examine and analyse the amount of energy a person or a family uses, which makes them aware and helps cut down on energy usage.

 IoT or Internet of Things

IoT or the ‘Internet of Things’ makes life easier by facilitating communication between a sensor and devices by passing data. A successful IoT integration creates service options that make life easier for the users. For example, many companies have implemented this technology to build smart home systems, including smart locks, smart lighting, and automated thermostats and air conditioners. These services are attracting both families and companies who want tech-based smart systems in their homes or offices. 

AI Assistants

The last few years have seen more integration of AI assistants in various sectors of life – be it smart home systems, or a personal mobile device. While many of these are for day-to-day small tasks, many companies have created an entire service that runs on this feature. Amazon Echo and Google Home are two options that can run your home system with help from their infamous home assistants – Alexa and Google Assistant. They save time and make the process much easier.

 Virtual Tours and Consultancy

A sector that has greatly benefited from virtual tours and consultancy is the real estate agency. This feature has various benefits. Touring houses or apartments can sometimes be time-consuming – even more so for people who are relocating to a new place and can’t visit the homes in person for evaluation. In that case, companies with 3D tours on their website can easily attract more customers. AR/VR integration can also help in this case. Matterport and Zillow are two companies that allow AR/VR tours and online consultations and have already created a strong customer base.

Technology is here to stay and will only get better with time. The home service industry has been fast to adopt tech integration, and many other companies are coming up with new and advanced features every day to provide better services to their customers. As such, we’re expecting more ground-breaking inventions in this sector in the upcoming decade.