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How Blizzard popularized its games and made them the most recognizable in the world

The gaming industry is a whole separate cluster of entertainment, which began an active development path in the 90s and continues its path of popularizing the game genre, making it one of the most popular and successful on a par with the film industry.

The development of graphics and technology only helps games look impressive against the backdrop of books and films, because unlike other genres, the game always associates you with the main character, and it is your decisions that lead to changes in the overall plot, even if it is written in detail, and you follow it without the ability to make adjustments.

One of the most famous and recognizable studios that develop and promote games is the Blizzard company.

This is a studio that has offered the gaming industry many projects in various genres, and now the name of the organization is enough for players to purchase a new part.

What is Blizzard associated with?

Blizzard is known and popular for World of Warcraft with the famous confrontation between the Horde and Alliance factions, which they make films about and many people recognize, even if they have never played World of Warcraft.

Blizzard was able to provide additional PR and an influx of players after a scandal with the Chinese government after the release of the Dragonflight update, where the symbol of the state was presented in the form of a mount and a source of hunting for WoW gold.

The Chinese region was lost, but the scandal added more interest to the project around the world and a new online surge occurred, although such events usually occur as part of new patches or major updates.

World of Warcraft

On the continent of Azeroth, since ancient times, representatives of different races and classes have been fighting for territories and spheres of influence, and it was the constant battles between a large number of players on both sides that made World of Warcraft so popular and recognizable.

The second and new WoW symbol that can now cause correlation with Blizzard is the dragon.

The developers added an ancient mythical creature and populated new islands with them, which were discovered as part of the new update.

Players will spend many hours exploring new lands and four types of dragons in order to tame one of them at the end of their journey and learn how to fly it to any point on the game map instead of scripted flights and paying with World of Warcraft gold.


This is one of the first and most recognizable dark fantasy RPGs, which created and popularized the genre for future projects.

Blizzard has once again created and developed a project that was ahead of its time.

For the first time, players encountered the personification of pure evil in the form of large demons and complete freedom of action in choosing and developing their hero.

You’ll play through the storyline multiple times, increasing the difficulty level, unlocking new items, and just enjoying the overall adventure.


Blizzard launched and popularized active card games, in which you build your deck of cards and play against opponents with their selection of heroes and knock out each other’s cards until one of your opponents runs out of cards.

Many modern games have picked up this trend, and even the popular Gwent in The Witcher 3 has its origins in Hearthstone, and it is with this project from Blizzard that all card games with a fantasy slant are associated.


At one time, Blizzard created one of the first strategies with the development and use of troops and popularized it into a full-fledged e-sport.

The second part of the series is still popular and in demand and is regularly broadcast on Twitch and YouTube.

Just a little over 10 years ago, StarCraft matches received greater priority in coverage of confrontations, and even CS 1.6 and Dota 2 could easily receive less priority due to the popularity of StarCraft 2 from Blizzard.

This is one of the most active and complex strategies, with a large number of hotkeys for controlling troops, constructing buildings and collecting resources.


Blizzard was one of the first to think up and refine the concept of team battles, in which players must choose their hero with unique mechanics and adapt him to the actions of the team, where they need to destroy all enemies and win the rounds.

This is a more expanded concept of the popular at that time CS 1.6, which was finalized and became the first example of how you can unquiesce all the heroes, rather than playing as faceless soldiers with the same types of weapons.

Conclusions on the popularity of Blizzard in the gaming industry and the contribution that the studio has made to game development

Blizzard, since the creation of the studio, immediately began preparing projects that, unexpectedly for some, and quite expectedly for others, became not just hits, but pioneers in their genres and put the studio on a par with global developers, whose projects and updates Various players are always waiting and placing pre-orders.

The most recognizable projects are considered to be World of Warcraft, which needs no introduction at all, and when the next update or major patch is released, then online on the servers and the number of players who grind and farm World of Warcraft gold increases significantly.

The second most popular project can be called the well-known dark fantasy format called Diablo, which is constantly updated and replenished with new parts and versions that continue the main idea of the story, in which the earth is again threatened by the invasion of demons led by Diablo, the archdemon.

You will choose your character and go through the storyline and adjust all the circumstances exclusively to your hero and develop in the way that you are comfortable with, including playing with other players – random or friends.

Most of the projects that exist in the online gaming industry were developed or inspired by Blizzard and have made a tremendous contribution to the development of the gaming industry and the MMO RPG and dark fantasy genres.

Even small mechanics, such as card games, or PVP systems with mandatory enemies from the first levels, are actively used in current projects.