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Introducing Agent Lunar: The All-in-One Marketing Solution for the Underserved Small Business Community

  • An AI-powered CMO, Agent Lunar allows SMBs to supercharge their digital footprint
  • Providing easily accessible tools and AI-driven insights, the platform empowers small businesses to reach their full potential as well as their widest market
  • Designed to help SMBs connect to customers, Agent Lunar helps turn every interaction into growth, ready for the ‘PhyGital’ age

Launching today, Agent Lunar is an AI-powered all-in-one marketing solution for SMBs. Designed to take on the role of virtual Chief Marketing Officer, the platform provides tailored marketing insights, tools, and services to the UK’s underserved small business community, empowering them to access their widest market and reach their full potential.

The lack of tailored SMB tech solutions costs the UK economy £232 billion annually and it’s closing businesses down because they haven’t the tools necessary to respond to the changing economic climate or the evolving needs of the contemporary customer. There were 1.2 million UK business closures in the three years from 2020, and while there were extenuating factors – most notably the pandemic – many SMBs could have survived had they access to the tech solutions that carried many of their larger counterparts through.

Delivering laser-focused support to the SMB segment, including mentorship, tailored education, and free licences to integral marketing software, Agent Lunar will not only help businesses bridge the gap between retail and etail, but equip SMBs for tomorrow’s “PhyGital” buyer. Every interaction becomes a growth opportunity, levelling the playing field between SMBs and larger businesses.

In the current marketing landscape, the existing tools are designed for large enterprises. They fall short when addressing the unique needs of SMBs, who may lack the manpower, the dedicated technical expertise, the time, or the funds necessary to take advantage of what is available. Recognising this gap, Agent Lunar seeks to democratise digital marketing by offering AI-enhanced software as a service. From crafting personalised marketing strategies for each business, to automated marketing campaigns, Agent Lunar manages it all, ensuring that even SMBs can harness powerful, data-driven insights.

Dominique Harrison-Bentzen, Co-founder and Co-CEO, at Agent Lunar, comments: ‘Our goal is to make digital marketing simpler and more accessible, enabling every SMB to thrive online and on the high street. SMEs account for 99% of the UK business population. Yet, they remain desperately underserved because they lack the financial clout to develop the technology and technical support they need to meet their full potential. With Agent Lunar, we aim to address that disparity and empower SMBs to embrace the digital, supercharge their online footprint and elevate their online brand in a way that can benefit both their digital and physical business.

‘And we won’t stop with individual business empowerment,’ adds Co-founder and Co-CEO William Stone. ‘By engaging SMB leaders and partnering with key stakeholders for urban renewal, we want to revive the high street and support the growth of the “PhyGital” marketplace that consumers demand. Retail and etail needn’t be mutually exclusive. While the internet has been blamed for the decline of the high street, with the right technical infrastructure, they can support each other, building a balanced and cohesive retail experience.’

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