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Online document collaboration: manage documents from anywhere

Successful businesses are built on the foundation of teamwork. Without effective collaboration among staff, projects may be delayed, products may fail, and the competitive advantage in the industry may be lost. The evidence supports this claim, with 75% of employees acknowledging the significance of teamwork and collaboration and 70% reporting improved collaboration through the use of digital technology. To ensure effective teamwork, it is crucial to have team collaboration tools, such as document collaboration software, that facilitate employee collaboration.

Top 8 Document Collaboration Tools

#1 Document360

Document360 goes beyond being a mere document collaboration tool – it is a comprehensive knowledge base software that empowers your team to capture and store vital information in a centralized location. With a user-friendly interface, it facilitates the effortless creation of online documentation. While it doesn’t include a collaborative editor by default, it simplifies collaboration through features like private notes, discussion feed, and more. The software automatically saves previous versions for convenient restoration when needed. Document360 supports multiple user roles, allowing you to control content access.

#2 Google Docs

Google Docs is a user-friendly software for collaborating on documents. It provides templates and blank documents to facilitate a quick start. You can easily collaborate on document editing using tags and comments, with the comment history available in a tab within each document. You can work on each document in any of the three modes: Editing, Suggesting, and Viewing. You can adjust these permissions for team members as needed, such as giving one person viewing access and another person editing access. Google Docs creates shareable links when you share documents and folders, making all of this possible.

An important condition for online file sharing is security. Secure technologies must be used within the team to exchange documents with suppliers or other external parties. One of them is the fax app. Yes, you can send faxes directly from your iPhone. You can find out this here and install the appropriate application immediately. This is one of the most convenient solutions for mobile documents, which fully complies with regulatory standards in all countries of the world.

#3 Notion

Notion, a widely used tool for document collaboration, boasts millions of users. It is a platform to store and construct document libraries, publish blog posts, and foster collaboration on various projects.

With Notion, online document collaboration takes things to the next level. It supports Real-time document editing, allowing you to create any document: from product roadmaps to meeting scheduling. Offers convenient task planning and document management.

#4 Zoho WorkDrive

Zoho WorkDrive provides a platform for businesses with extensive document work. It offers cloud storage and management for modern teams. One place to store and organize files is through team folders. Roles can be assigned to team members, such as organizer, writer, and editor, giving you control over access. All data and usage can be managed from a single dashboard, allowing you to track file edits easily.

#5 Dropbox Paper

Several people can use Dropbox Paper, a user-friendly document collaboration app, to edit simultaneously. It comes with mobile apps for both iOS and Android, making it easy to work on the go.

You can use Paper to create and share documents and folders via shareable links. The best part is that Dropbox Paper offers various formatting options for each document, allowing you to insert videos and add code.

Dropbox Paper automatically saves all changes made to a document. Additionally, it provides multiple document templates for brainstorming, meeting notes, project plans, task management, and more.

#6 ClickUp

ClickUp, a robust project management tool, offers document collaboration features. ClickUp’s Docs enable users to store real-time updated and editable company and project-related information. Collaboration detection within Docs notifies you when a team member views, comments, or edits a document, providing transparency in collaboration. Real-time syncing ensures all contributors have the latest document version on their devices. The Permissions feature allows customization of document access, from public to private, and enables sharing with others while controlling recipient permissions.

#7 Box

Box is a widely used tool for content organization and collaboration. It’s trusted by renowned companies like AstraZeneca, Olympus, and even Intuit.

With over 1,500 integrations, it seamlessly works with almost any business app utilized by your content team. Additionally, it provides Box Drive for secure file storage and Box Notes for real-time annotation and editing, ensuring enterprise-grade security.

#8, the newcomer compared to other tools on our list, deserves recognition. Despite its lesser-known status, this powerful tool boasts of being “the world’s most powerful workplace and document collaboration platform.”

It offers real-time notifications, adjustable sharing permissions, and the ability to co-edit and comment simultaneously. Additionally, its minimalistic smart editor allows users to enrich documents with visual web links, videos, embeds, rich media, attachments, and more.


Finding the right document and its correct version can be a challenge for small, asynchronous remote teams. Therefore, it is crucial to have collaboration tools that provide easy access to necessary information, regardless of global location. By organizing documents by meeting and project in an intuitive platform, tasks become more manageable and team members will not need to constantly seek assistance in locating essential documents.