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Hippodrome Casino bets on Extreme Networks and ITHQ for network upgrade to improve guest experiences and streamline operations

New network infrastructure improves security, guest services and productivity with optimised operations and reduced IT workload

Extreme Networks, Inc., a leader in cloud networking, has announced that the Hippodrome Casino, an iconic entertainment landmark in London’s Leicester Square, has adopted Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6E solutions, data centre and edge switches, analytics and cloud management platform to improve network performance, streamline operational efficiency and provide first-class guest experiences. In partnership with ITHQ, the Hippodrome deployed a new wired and wireless network across its six-story facility, delivering improved network reliability, flexibility and security.

For the Hippodrome – which consists of three casinos, eight bars, a theatre, multiple restaurants and a three-story roof terrace – ensuring uninterrupted Wi-Fi availability is imperative to delivering amazing guest experiences while maintaining seamless operations. The historic entertainment venue can now rely on a dynamic and adaptable network that is easy to manage and provides enhanced visibility and insights to drive organisational objectives.
Key Facts:
• Flexible, fast, secure, cloud-managed connectivity: Leveraging Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6E solutions and Universal switches, the Hippodrome can now deliver secure, reliable wireless connectivity for both guest access and games on the casino floor, as well as staff operations. Though there are over 1,600 concurrent users connecting to the Hippodrome’s guest Wi-Fi networks every weekend, performance remains consistently excellent.

• Centralised management, visibility and control: With the ExtremeCloud™ IQ cloud management platform, the casino’s IT team has complete visibility into and control over all parts of the network, including guest access and individual IoT devices like security cameras across the gaming floor. The casino can also tap into network usage insights, helping it proactively resolve things that could cause issues for users, like machines using too much bandwidth, as well as improve management of guest access and asset tracking. Further automation capabilities in ExtremeCloud IQ enable the IT team to set policies and roll them across the network without manual intervention, improving network security and efficiency.

• Data-driven decision making: With ExtremeAnalytics, the Hippodrome can easily track aggregate network usage data like application usage, moments of peak user activity and high-traffic areas based on device location data, delivering valuable insights for informed business decisions, such as optimising the placement of attractions and gaming machines. These insights also empower operations teams to make data-driven decisions around production and staffing, while offering the IT team a deeper understanding of network health to ensure maximum productivity and support.

• Expert support for successful deployment: ITHQ served as a strategic leader for the Hippodrome’s network upgrade, and their expertise was critical to the success of the deployment. Managing the intricacies of interconnected solutions demanded a partnership founded on trust and dependability. With ITHQ’s leadership in designing, deploying and managing the new network, the team delivered solutions that have streamlined the Hippodrome’s operations and made network management both simple and secure.

Executive Perspectives

Philip Mitchell, IT Director, The Hippodrome Casino
“While the robustness of the Wi-Fi solution is key for operations, on the back end they are producing an amazing amount of customer data for our analytics teams to look at. We can clearly see the amount of traffic going through each particular system and the impact our improved solutions are making on the business. Our systems show that not only has the amount of monitored endpoints doubled, but the number of alerts has actually reduced to one-sixth of what they were.”

Nik Grove, Head of Hybrid Cloud, ITHQ
“Whenever the Hippodrome has come to us with a new networking project, be it wireless, data centre upgrades to 100Gb or edge switches, ITHQ has always been able to propose and implement Extreme solutions with confidence that we have the ideal technology fit to modernise and secure the networking space for our customers. We were able to provide and support new management tools from Extreme that enable the Casino’s IT team to be more effective, productive and secure.”

Markus Nispel, Chief Technology Officer, EMEA, Extreme Networks
“Maintaining security on the gaming floor is paramount, and it all starts with secure connectivity for all users, devices and applications. Thanks to Extreme’s solutions, the Hippodrome has not only seen significant improvements in performance and enhanced their operations through automation, but also obtained valuable insights, using network analytics to create personalised experiences that keep guests coming back for more.”