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SOTI delivers enhanced visibility and control for logistics expert Bleckmann

Global logistics company Bleckmann has renewed its IT infrastructure with SOTI MobiControl for greater visibility and control over its mission critical mobile devices, resulting in double the number of seamlessly installed devices and a 50% decrease in installation time.

A recent SOTI study highlighted the role an intuitive and automated supply chain operation plays in meeting consumer demands. Almost three quarters (73%) of UK shoppers expressed a desire to always know where their order is within the delivery process and 43% will look elsewhere if delivery or pick up of an item is more than two days. Retailers must ensure that they are providing real-time and reliable visibility of items to consumers at all times.

With over 30 distribution centres, including five in the UK, Bleckmann needed an efficient approach to manage its mobile devices to provide the best logistics service, with enhanced visibility, for its customers in the fashion and lifestyle sectors. The company needed a way to update, support and view devices centrally from a single location and were additionally looking for a streamlined way to manage multiple operating systems and warehouse management systems.

“We are constantly looking at how we can best serve our customers, especially with fast and efficient deliveries and pickups becoming increasingly important,” said Dirk Hofkens, Global IT Infrastructure Manager at Bleckmann. “Thanks to the direct collaboration between our internal IT team and SOTI MobiControl, Bleckmann has doubled the number of seamlessly installed devices across its warehousing footprint in the UK, Europe and U.S. This collaboration with SOTI demonstrates our shared drive for innovation and our determination to successfully address the growing challenges in our industry.”

Improved Efficiency and Productivity

With SOTI MobiControl, Bleckmann can now remotely support and manage its expanding fleet of barcode scanners, mobile computers, and smartphones across all their UK and global locations. Data can be collected in one central location to quickly identify and resolve issues remotely. Additionally, all operating systems and warehouse management systems are now integrated.

The implementation resulted in a doubling of the number of seamlessly installed devices in their fleet and the installation time of devices decreased by 50%. When devices need to be moved between locations, SOTI MobiControl reduced the time it takes to have devices set up by 75%.

“To achieve growth and advancement, it is critical that businesses invest in a unified Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to oversee all devices in their fleet. Organisations need device visibility and a simple, easy to use way of updating them remotely – regardless of location. Today, Bleckmann serves as a global example of how SOTI enables this principle,” said Shash Anand, SVP of Product Strategy at SOTI.

Exploring SOTI XSight for Advanced Insight

Following the success of SOTI MobiControl, Bleckmann is now taking the next step by exploring SOTI XSight to assist with next level data insight into device productivity, such as Wi-Fi coverage issues in warehouses. With this insight, Bleckmann aims to further improve the productivity of its employees. The forthcoming evaluation of SOTI XSight underlines Bleckmann’s ongoing commitment to implementing advanced technologies to improve operational efficiency and meet the ever-changing demands of the logistics sector.

“Recognising the pivotal role of AI in harnessing deeper intelligence from devices is crucial. AI-driven diagnostic intelligence empowers organisations to identify and resolve issues before they impact the end-user. By remotely solving issues in real-time, businesses save time, resources and enhance user satisfaction, all while maximising ROI,” concluded Anand.