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Cleantech startups get digital boost with Greenbackers / Deazy partnership

Bristol-based technology company Deazy has partnered with Greenbackers Investment Capital (Greenbackers) to help cleantech startups accelerate their digital development.

Greenbackers focuses on climate and cleantech equity capital and has a range of cleantech startups in its portfolio. The partnership will see Deazy provide a free introductory consultation to Greenbackers’ ecosystem to evaluate and recommend the best ways to accelerate a digital roadmap.

“Greenbackers are at the forefront of fresh thinking for financing cleantech innovation,” said Andy Peddar, CEO and Co-Founder, Deazy. “The use of AI and software development can be transformative, but startups don’t always have the capacity or capability to make the best use of such technologies. Our partnership provides a perfect platform to help cleantech startups advance their digital platforms and, in turn, really affect positive global change.”

The partnership will give the Greenbackers community a head start with their digital strategy, allowing them to incorporate AI-driven sustainability measures, enhance cloud infrastructure, and promote the adoption of green technologies within the apps and platforms on the development plan. It will seek to ensure that every aspect of a cleantech company’s digital strategy has been considered and adapted to the evolving needs of a dynamic market, providing the best possible chance of sustained success and long-term growth.

“Deazy’s track record and commitment to innovation and quality make them an ideal partner for us,” said Robert Hokin, Managing Partner, Greenbackers. “It offers multiple engagement models, from single developer team augmentation to entire squad support or even end-to-end project delivery, so can adapt to the specific needs of a particular startup. Our portfolio is doing hugely impactful work in sustainability and Deazy’s ability to accelerate digital will help drive significant environmental impacts.”

Deazy works with enterprises and scaleups to address the problem of accelerating digital delivery by bringing the best global development talent to a challenge. It works with 85 of the world’s most sought-after 85+ global delivery teams, supports clients by rapidly increasing their digital capacity, and provides access to diverse technical skills.

As part of the Greenbackers support program to enhance startups’ attractiveness to investors, it offers a specialised Digital Health Check service. This service provides a comprehensive assessment of a startup’s digital landscape, producing detailed reports that evaluate technological capabilities, identify potential risks, and uncover growth opportunities.

This unbiased analysis provides clear recommendations for best practices and mitigations, enabling investors to make well-informed decisions with confidence. This third-party review optimises investor evaluations and supports cleantech startups in achieving their full digital potential.