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MICRODIA Launches Flagship Store on Amazon Japan

Renowned mobile electronics and accessories manufacturer MICRODIA has announced its flagship Amazon Japan store in a drive to increase its presence and market share in the country.

HONG KONG, China (21 May 2024) Global electronics manufacturer MICRODIA announced its flagship storefront on the Amazon Japan marketplace on Tuesday, May 21st, as it seeks to further develop its presence in the East Asian nation’s mobile electronics and accessory landscape.

The launch of the MICRODIA store on Amazon Japan’s marketplace builds upon the brand’s presence in the country through relationships with major electronics retailers and distributors. It provides a direct sales channel for MICRODIA to introduce its portfolio of innovative mobile accessories and productivity solutions to a broader audience of technology buyers across Japan.

“We’ve received tremendous support from our Japanese partners and customers since first entering the market years ago,” said Louis Leung, Founder and CEO of MICRODIA. “Launching our own dedicated store on Amazon Japan takes our presence to a whole new level, allowing many more technology fans to experience our hallmark of innovative design, quality engineering, and excellent customer service.”

The purpose of setting up flagship stores across various Amazon marketplaces is to gain quality recognition through certification processes, boost brand recognition internationally, complement regional and local distributors through branding and product information support, provide global purchase access that complements localized distribution, and ensure market exposure as major brands maintain flagship stores.
Housed within the Amazon Japan digital and physical infrastructure, the new MICRODIA store will bring the brand’s catalog of high-quality products to consumers’ fingertips.

Aiming to be browsable by category, customers will be able to easily find the exact items they need to power and complement their digital lifestyles.
Initial highlights may include the popular SNAPStation wireless charging stations, which offer fast and efficient inductive power for multiple devices simultaneously. Also featured are MICRODIA’s renowned lightning fast GaN wall chargers, available in varying power options from 30W to 200W to offer the most advanced, quickest, and safest mobile charging experience.

With strategic placement alongside top consumer electronics brands on Amazon’s Japanese mega-marketplace, the new online store provides MICRODIA enhanced visibility and easy discoverability. It also affords the opportunity to reach new potential buyers through Amazon’s extensive selection of products.

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MICRODIA is a leading innovator in mobile electronic and accessory solutions, dedicated to developing cutting-edge products that enhance user experiences.

Founded in 1991 by two engineers from Texas Instruments and IBM to create the world’s best data storage products, MICRODIA today has six manufacturing facilities across Asia, producing a wide range of mobile electronics and accessories.

Producing over 28 million products, distributed by more than 550 distributors to a quarter of a million retailers in 135+ countries, MICRODIA is one of the most prolific and trusted brands on the planet.

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