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Digital Communication in the Workplace: A Solution for Re-engaging Teams?

Employee dissatisfaction is becoming a common issue for employers. With various working styles, such as hybrid, remote, and overseas working, and a range of messaging tools, it’s increasingly challenging to keep employees motivated and foster a sense of belonging. Everyone is so connected yet more disconnected. Could a digital signage solution for corporate communication make a difference and help employees feel like a team again?

How disengaged are employees?

According to Gallup’s State of the Workplace 2023 Report, employee disengagement is at a nine-year-high. Additionally, the CIPD Good Work Index 2023 reveals that UK workers are now more likely to view their jobs as “purely transactional” compared to four years ago. Monster research further highlights that a staggering 96% of employees are currently seeking new job opportunities.

Employers must acknowledge that many of these ‘quiet quitters’ have mentally checked out and are merely occupying a seat. Given the tight talent market, replacing these employees is a significant challenge. Employers need to adopt strategies to re-engage their existing teams.

Why employers need to re-engage their people

Disengaged, unproductive employees are detrimental to business.

Engaged employees create a positive impression on clients, support their colleagues, and spread positive energy throughout the office. We’ve all encountered individuals who can turn around customer complaints, make colleagues smile, and unite teams for the business’s benefit.

Raising morale brings more than just a feel-good factor. It’s essential for workplace health, and positive workplaces are beneficial for employee well-being. Engaged employees are more productive, which is better for business than paying staff to search the internet for new jobs on company time.

Why traditional tools are no longer engaging employees

In a sea of messaging tools like email and WhatsApp, used both privately and at work, messaging boundaries have blurred. It’s harder for employers to reach employees using these tools. Employees might open the messages and even acknowledge them, but once that’s done, the disengaged will likely move on to something they find more valuable. 

Digital Signage can re-engage the ‘quiet quitters’

Digital signage solutions can be strategically placed to ensure messages are seen when and where employees are more receptive. This technology can instantly share messages that employees will find valuable.

Employers can subtly use digital signage to send positive messages, such as:

  • “We Notice Your Work” (Praise employees who are performing well and share their successes)
  • “We Appreciate You” (People who feel appreciated are more likely to go the extra mile)
  • Employee News – benefits, awards, rewards, as well as customer successes

Digital signage can also solve practical challenges like navigation in large buildings and can be reinforced by other messaging tools. You can share reminders for meetings, policy changes, and even light-hearted content like jokes or internal communications.

This messaging is visible to all staff, instant, and being a ‘physical’ medium, it stands out amidst digital clutter. It’s seen by everyone and can spark conversations at work, making employees feel like valuable team members again.


Employees are bombarded with messages from every direction, leading to separation, disengagement, and disconnect. Re-engaging them requires a fresh approach, and it’s never been more urgent. Digital signage can bring employees back into the real world and transform them into ambassadors for your business.