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Ekran System Unveils New Workforce Password Management Feature to Enhance Privileged Access Management Capabilities

NEEDHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–At Ekran System, we continuously enhance our platform to ensure organizations have robust tools to protect their critical assets. We are excited to announce the release of the Workforce Password Management (WPM) feature, a significant upgrade to our privileged access management (PAM) capabilities, streamlining password security and management across organizations.

Ekran System’s Password Management

Our current Password Management suite offers a comprehensive solution for securely handling privileged account credentials stored in secrets. Key features include:

  1. Password Vault: Secure storage and delivery of secrets.
  2. Password Rotation: Automated and manual remote password rotation to mitigate credential-based attack risks by ensuring regular password changes.
  3. Secure Access: Management of access to shared accounts stored in Active Directory, Windows, Unix (SSH, Telnet), Web, and MS SQL account secrets.
  4. Password Checkout: Prevents concurrent use of any secret, reducing the risk of credential misuse.
  5. Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): Grants user permissions to use and edit secrets.
  6. Access Approval: Allows secret usage only upon administrator approval, either always or outside specified work hours.

Workforce Password Management: Capabilities and Benefits

The new Workforce Password Management (WPM) feature enhances security and simplifies credential management. PAM users can now create and manage their private secrets, termed WPM secrets, which remain hidden from other users unless explicitly shared.

Creating and Managing WPM Secrets:

  1. Connection Manager: Users click the “Add Secret” button in the Ekran System Connection Manager.
  2. Management Tool: Log in as a user with Management Tool Access or PAM User Management permission.
  3. Password Management Page: Add WPM secrets to the “My Secrets” folder by clicking the “Add” button.

These secrets appear on the Password Management page and the user’s WPM folder in the Ekran System Connection Manager. Users can share WPM secrets with others as needed.

Role-Based Permissions Model for WPM Users
















PAM User





Owners have full control over the secrets. Editors can use, view, edit, and share secrets but cannot delete them. PAM Users can use and view secrets but cannot edit, share, or delete them.

Key Benefits

  1. Enhanced Security: Role-based permissions provide extra control over access to secrets. Passwords are encrypted and stored in a vault, hidden from others unless shared.
  2. Improved User Experience: Users can conveniently manage secrets, enhancing efficiency and reducing IT staff burden.
  3. Enhanced Team Collaboration: Secure sharing of credentials within teams while maintaining strict control over access.


Ekran System’s new Workforce Password Management feature significantly enhances existing Password Management capabilities. It allows PAM users to create, manage, and share their own secure secrets, promoting team collaboration while ensuring sensitive information is protected and accessible to authorized individuals.

For more details on Ekran System’s PAM capabilities and how they can benefit your organization, visit our Privileged Access Management page.

About Ekran System

Ekran System is a leading provider of insider threat management and privileged access management solutions, offering comprehensive tools for monitoring, recording, and auditing user activity. Our mission is to help organizations safeguard their sensitive data and ensure compliance with security regulations.