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Why Should You Start Using a Password Manager?

For most people, remembering different passwords can be a struggle, and using the same password on each and every platform and account can be a security risk. For this reason, most security experts recommend using a password manager because a password manager can allow you to not only generate strong passwords but also store all of your passwords safely in the password vault.

Right from the moment you install a password manager, you needn’t remember anything except the master password, which can give you access to all the passwords for different accounts and platforms. So, if you are not using a password manager, you should consider using one because it makes things so much easier and convenient for you. Below we have discussed a few benefits of using a password manager and some reasons why you should start using a password manager.

Remember One Master Password Only

The first and foremost benefit of using a password manager is that you just need to remember one master password only, all the other passwords are stored safely in your account. Instead of having to remember a separate password for each account including your Dhan Kesari account, you just need to remember a master password, all the other passwords are stored safely in a password manager. Plus, you can also link the password manager with your biometrics so you only need Face ID or fingerprint to access your passwords.

Generate Random and Secure Passwords for Each Account

With the help of a password manager, you can generate random and secure passwords for each of your accounts, which makes password cracking almost impossible. Password cracking programs are designed to guess the most commonly used passwords and by using a random password, you will be at an advantage and won’t have to worry about your passwords or accounts getting compromised.

No Need to Remember Passwords

The convenience of using a password manager is also a big reason why you should start using one because the convenient autofill feature allows you to log in conveniently without having to remember or guess your password. There is no need to remember the password or guess the password, with just a single tap or click, you can log into your accounts, making the entire process of logging in very simple and easy. For instance, if you want to log into your official Lottery Sambad account, just open the login page and click on the prompt to log in without having to remember or guess your password.

Works on Every Device

Some people might think that a password manager works on a single device only, but that is not the case. Once you create an account on a password manager and set the master password, you can start using it on any device, be it your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. So, the next time you need to access an account on your laptop or smartphone, just use the password manager on that device and you will be able to log in conveniently. 

Password Changing Made Easier

A password manager also makes it easier to change or reset your password without any issues. In case your account is compromised, you can change the password of your account easily by generating a new password and using that instead of the old one. As soon as you generate a new password, it is stored automatically in the password vault and the old password is deleted, making the entire thing so much easier for you. Some password managers even have the capability to reset your passwords with just a single click or tap.