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What are the Benefits of Using Augmented Reality in Mobile Apps?

Augmented Reality or AR is a technology that allows us to see digital information and images in the real world by superimposing them onto our surroundings using our mobile’s screen and camera. It enables you to add virtual objects, sounds, and other digital inputs to real world surroundings.

AR is a technology that has become quite popular in the past few years because of how it makes using apps more interactive and fun. AR is the future of mobile apps and will certainly change how we interact with digital information in real life. The benefits of using AR in mobile apps are many including some discussed below.

1. Increased User Engagement

AR makes mobile apps more fun, interactive, and exciting. Instead of looking at digital information on a screen, it allows you to interact with digital things in the real world. With the help of AR, you can see digital information and things on top of what you see in your surroundings and this makes using apps more fun. For instance, with the help of AR, you can look at how a certain piece of furniture would look in your home or learn about historical places with cool overlays. This increases the interaction level of the apps and results in enhanced user engagement.

2. Learning Made Easier

Using AR also has another benefit in that it can change the way we learn because it can show complex information in a simple way, making education and learning more easy and fun. With the help of AR, you can make education more fun and turn boring lectures into interactive lessons that everyone can remember easily. For instance, students can use an AR application to see the human body and learn about its anatomy in a fun and interactive way.

3. Boosted Sales

AR is also beneficial for online shops and e-commerce brands because it enables customers to try online products before buying things. Instead of making a blind purchase, customers can see how a certain piece of clothing or furniture would look. This makes online shopping much easier for customers and helps them to make online purchases with confidence. Ultimately, this leads to boosted sales and conversions. The android version of Auto Clicker will soon get AR implementation and it is an app that is definitely worth trying.

4. Navigation Made Easier and Fun

Navigation has also been made easier, thanks to AR. Without AR, one can only see a map but with AR, you can get overlay directions on your phone screen as you walk around or drive around. It can not only help you with navigation but also point out interesting places that you can visit. Plus, if you are looking to navigate inside buildings like malls or hospitals, AR has also got you covered. It can provide arrow directions and show you which way to go, making the destination much easier. 

5. Immersive Gameplay

Mobile games have also become much more interactive and fun, thanks to AR. The first popularly released game that used AR was Pokemon GO and ever since, there have been hundreds of games that use AR to provide a much more interactive gaming experience. Gaming on a mobile phone is already so much fun and convenient, and with the help of AR, you can take it to the next level. TapTap is an online gaming community, where you can find tons of AR mobile games and you can download TapTap for Android from AppCafe.

6. See Products in a Whole New Way

AR enables you to see digital products in a whole new way, allowing you to fully explore a product before you make up your mind to purchase it. With the help of AR, you can get 3D animations of different products on your screen and see their detailed information before you go ahead and purchase them. For instance, an automobile app powered by AR can let you explore the features of a car, see different colors, and view how it would drive on different roads. This can change the entire way in which most people make purchases and decide about buying a product.