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Savvy data specialists unveil hat-trick of smart additions for clients

AI and Machine Learning (ML) brand Third Foundation has launched a trio of new products to enable customers to utilise data more effectively so they can further grow their organisations online.

The firm, established in 2019, uses its proprietary framework to help marketing departments identify customer behaviours, improve online performance and understand – and predict – business pain points.

Having spotted a gap in the market to democratise the use of AI for all businesses, Third Foundation has unveiled three ‘hero’ products called Livia, Nebula and Aurora.

Built from a complex collection of ML algorithms and AI, Livia organises and processes company data so that enterprises can receive robust insights into past and likely future marketing performance eliminating people biases which often affect behaviour. The product has been engineered to provide a new level of clarity, security and understanding for businesses to solve the problem of prediction with greater accuracy than ever before.

Meanwhile, Nebula delivers what-if scenarios based on external events, allowing firms to make more informed decisions so they can react swiftly to evolving business developments. By channelling data gleaned from prior marketing performance, as well as the industry’s landscape, teams can use this feature to carry out stress-test scenarios and help them to plan ahead – whether that’s optimising supply chains or altering products and services to meet demand.

The third release – called Aurora – uses complex statistical customer ‘clustering’ and metadata generation which helps organisations to make sense of their audiences, and develop more sophisticated targeting because they’re able to better understand their online behaviours.

Throughout each of these products, Third Foundation wants to provide organisations with must-have analytics so that they can subsequently tailor products, content and experiences specifically to their clients.

Phillip Midwinter, Third Foundation’s founder and chief technology officer, said:

“We’ve created products to allow businesses to solve isolated problems so that they can accurately forecast every scenario – and still cater for their customers with a high-quality service.

“We want to provide a new way of thinking for marketing departments and their organisations, and that starts by showing them exactly how sophisticated AI and ML technology can provide greater opportunities and efficiencies.”

Third Foundation’s engineering team isn’t stopping at a trio of launches either, with more features set to be unveiled throughout 2020 to further enhance real-time data insight for firms.