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The Latest Technology Trends In 2020 And How Your Business Can Adapt

As 2020 nears its halfway point, a wide variety of technology trends and shifts in business have become apparent. Given the volatility of the year thus far for many businesses, there may be much in store in terms of change in the coming months. However, broader tech trends affecting businesses are not likely to create too many new surprises for entrepreneurs and managers in the latter half of the year.

With that being said, what are some of the latest trends in tech for businesses in 2020, and how can your business adapt to them? Let’s examine three critical examples.

Machine Learning

Arguably one of the most powerful and latest trends affecting businesses is the concept of machine learning. Somewhat different from artificial intelligence, Nvidia explained in a blog post from four years ago that machine learning involves algorithms being used to analyse data and learn from it. Some prominent examples of machine learning include upscaling old videos and photos, recognising and imitating speech, diagnosing medical conditions and predicting likely economic or industry trends.

Businesses can take advantage of machine learning in a variety of applications, most notably in assessing the likelihood of success for future plans. Through predictive and statistical means, businesses can more effectively invest in otherwise riskier strategies with a higher chance of success.

Rise of Mobile Devices

Mobile devices continue to affect businesses due to their proliferation, bringing new opportunities and challenges alike. Two major areas where trends in 2020 are strongest for businesses are apps and mobile security.

Given that more than 5 billion people now have one or more mobile devices, businesses must invest in app development to maximise profitability and B2C interactions. Dedicated apps that allow for seamless interaction with your business can boost sales, improve customer loyalty and more readily streamline troubleshooting or complaints.

Cyber security remains another critical feature. Mobile devices and their internet connections are not inherently as secure as traditional devices and connections, meaning businesses must do everything possible to secure, encrypt or otherwise protect customer information. Companies like Impreza (providing some of the best IT support Kent companies have to offer) understand the connection between mobile security and performance.

They explained that increased use of unsecured networks requires businesses to take mobile data security more seriously; learn more about these practices, as well as services like IT support, at


Many businesses have been forced to adapt in 2020 due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Arguably the most acute technology trend this year for businesses has been the necessity for telecommuting, videoconferencing and other remote work solutions. Evidence suggests the trend of working from home will not reverse post-COVID.

Arguably the world of business has been heading in this direction for some time, but this year’s pandemic is forcing businesses to lurch forward with these changes in a rapid fashion. Faced with the option to cease operations completely or implement work-from-home solutions, many businesses have chosen the latter. While not feasible for every business, implementing remote work opportunities for employees will increasingly become an adaptation that businesses must make – whether for health or financial reasons.

Each year obviously brings new challenges and possibilities for businesses – if they adapt to meet them. Machine learning, mobile proliferation and telecommuting are all major trends in 2020 that will only become more influential in the years to come.