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AI video storytelling leaps forward with Lightricks LTX Studio’s Visions product release in London

On Wednesday, the Generative AI (GenAI) content creation software company Lightricks held an exclusive event at a venue in East London’s Shoreditch district to launch Visions. The Visions update brings new preproduction functionalities to LTX Studio, an AI filmmaking app which Lightricks first released in February.

The London event was an opportunity for leading participants in the creative community to learn more about Lightricks’ cutting-edge solution and the process that led up to its development and release.

Along with Lightricks co-founders and senior personnel, the Visions launch event featured outstanding digital creators who have contributed to the development of the Visions update.

AI consultant Georgia Lewis Anderson, filmmaker and creative director Omar Karim, and Phantom Associate Creative Director Lois Hinx participated in a lively panel moderated by media personality and content creator Sonya Barlow.

LTX Studios breaks new ground in video creation

The Visions update shows that Lightricks is determined to continue playing a leading role in advancing GenAI video creation and editing processes. LTX Studio was launched in February 2024 to great acclaim, offering a single platform for creators to develop, evaluate, and refine their ideas from the ideation phase to storyboarding and throughout the creative process.

LTX Studio produces quality storyboards and scripts in response to the user’s prompts, namely their story ideas and creative concepts, and delivers the tools that creators need for continuity of character and location, which are notoriously difficult to ensure.

Creators can generate animated video that meets their high standards within seconds, and then use the built-in editing tools to adjust styles, locations, characterizations, and more. The shot editor allows users to edit on a granular level, adjusting factors like camera angles, motion scale, and frame settings, and character editing to ensure character consistency throughout the story.

The Visions update continues the innovation

It’s clear that the Lightricks team barely took a breath after the initial waiting list-only release of LTX Studio, but continued to look for ways to make the solution better, faster, and more user-friendly. The Visions update is the result of months of feedback from Lightricks’ community of beta testers and refinements from Lightricks developers.

“With Visions, LTX Studio not only expands its technological prowess but also redefines the possibilities within digital storytelling,” said Zeev Farbman, CEO and co-founder of Lightricks, in a statement. “This expansion underscores our commitment to furthering technological innovation and dedication to supporting users in seamlessly transforming their imaginative concepts into reality.”

One of the priorities for the Visions update was to enhance the process so that it fits more seamlessly into user workflows. Lightricks listened carefully to its Discord community and beta users to understand what they really need from a video editor, and how to improve the user experience to make it more intuitive and powerful.

What does Visions bring for digital creators?

With Visions, it’s much faster and more efficient to produce a full visual proposal of your creative idea with high-quality assets. Users can begin with a full script, a vague story concept, or “think aloud” on the platform and watch their brainstorming turn into full visuals with a consistent style and theme.

It’s now possible to upload “style reference” images to the system, informing the AI engine regarding the aesthetic feel and mood that creators want to adhere to.

Creators can also export assets from LTX Studio to any editing system, including Adobe, DaVinci, or Final Cut, to continue their creative exploration without any friction. Likewise, they can export their concepts to rich “pitch decks” to help explain their visions to other project stakeholders.

The Generative AI takes away the tedious process of manually filling in details to images, so users can create the keyframes and allow AI to add whatever is missing. It effectively serves as always-available AI assistants, helping level the playing field for creators on a limited budget.

The new update also speeds up video generation and style changes. It offers four different video previews in seconds, and swiftly rolls out any style reference to apply it consistently to the entire item. This makes experimenting and refining much more intuitive; users can tinker with various ideas and share what they had in mind with partners and assistants, to demonstrate the changes they need.

Launch event highlights AI innovation

One of the highlights of the Visions launch event was the opportunity to hear expert creators discussing their perspectives on the evolution and impact of AI in the visual creative process.

Lewis Anderson, Karim and Hinx discussed the evolution of AI video editing, and the impact that Visions, LTX Studio, and GenAI in general could have on the creative process.

Following a presentation from Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman and VP Product Alon Yaar, these three leading creators shared the ways in which they see AI-powered creative platforms enhancing the creative process and transforming the visual content industry. By making it faster and more efficient to generate storyboards and pitches, they agreed, GenAI like Visions frees creators to try out more ideas and explore more concepts and directions, without the restrictions of time or budget.

Farbman showcased Visions’ features and some of the methods for using them to enhance the creative process, although it’s likely that many people present had found more new ways to use Visions before the sun rose the next day.


The new Visions update cements LTX Studio as a leading driver for innovation within the realm of AI video storytelling. It’s evidence of Lightricks’ commitment to spearheading change and continuing to look for new ways to make professional-grade digital content creation more efficient, frictionless, and fun.